Consequences of a DUI Conviction on the Underage Individual

As if defending oneself against a DUI charge is not complicated enough, getting the court to be more lenient on you simply because you are still a minor, below 21 years of age, is a lot more challenging. Nonetheless, has had plenty of experience representing such complicated DUI cases involving minors.

It is important for you to understand that while the legal age is 18 for most other aspects of civil life, you are not permitted by any state or jurisdiction to consume alcoholic beverages for another 3 years until you reach the age of 21. And with the implementation of the Zero Tolerance Law in all states, getting a DUI conviction is a lot easier. Many states have placed the minimum blood alcohol content to merit a DUI charge at 0.02 percent. Other states are a little bit more lenient allowing for not more than 0.05 percent BAC before a DUI charge can be leveled. However, there are states that are more unforgiving citing any blood alcohol concentration higher than 0.00 percent will merit a DUI charge.


What Are The Consequences For A Minor Getting A DUI Conviction?

nissanAside from administrative penalties that can include license suspension and/or revocation, a minor convicted of DUI can be charged with other offenses that can carry additional punishments or consequences. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the case, the charge can be taken as a minor misdemeanor charge or a graver felony charge. Either way, there will always be incarceration and fines. Some jurisdictions may order retribution especially if the incident has involved injury to another person or damages to property. Community service may also be ordered.

Jail time can range anywhere from several days up to several years, often depending on the gravity of the DUI offense. Generally, first-time teen DUI offenders can get a maximum of one year in jail. This is in addition to a 3- to 5- year probationary period where every move of the teen will be closely monitored by the court. However, if you are struggling with a hefty DUI case, you can get legal help at

Perhaps the most telling consequence of a DUI charge is that it gets reflected on your record for the rest of your life. If you had been arrested and convicted of DUI a lot of times, there is a very strong likelihood that your records will never be expunged. This will result in difficulty landing jobs as employers will often perform a very thorough background checks on their job applicants. With a red flag hovering above your name, this is perhaps one of the most awful consequences of getting a DUI conviction, worse than serving time in jail or even paying thousands of dollars in fines.